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I don't love you anymore...

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9/1/04 02:57 am

Hello ^_^

I have a favour to ask of you lovely faceparty members...

Please rate member fiddy_senn a gimp (or something else that isn't very nice.. :P)! For me? Please XD

He is so mean. Lmao. & illiterate. Grr. *shakes fist*

He makes me so angry. & I wished I'd come up with a better argument. Heh. ><;

Here's part of a convo we had...  His side is in red.

dude, u still r a child. tell ur friend i hope pol pot killed lots of her relatives. LOL
(here he is referring to an Asian friend of mine who is on the 'linked profiles' bit of  my profile)

---- Original Message ----

Gosh, you're original.  I bet you were bullied as a child. Poor dear. Oh well. Anal retards like you are why the world is fucked. Buhbye darling. Kisskiss.

---- Original Message ----

I'd rather be me than you any day. LOL

---- Original Message ----

Aw, I feel SO SO sorry for you... You shouldn't be so insecure... I mean, you have A TON of reasons to feel insecure but that doesn't mean you should feel insecure... And I'm sure you'll find a man/woman/animal (animal being the most likely candidate) that'll love you for you and won't care about your tiny penis.

---- Original Message ----

ur pretty... ugly. chick looks like a dude! LOL 

8/20/04 02:11 pm - I tried to love you, I thought I could..

Friends only, dears. :]

Add me if you wish.

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